Oil Bath Bomb for Detoxifying

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Oil Bath Bomb for Detoxifying

You may be tired and stressed out, or you may be in need of a nice hot bath. Give yourself a relaxing oil bath with the help of the Oil Bath Bomb, made with powerful ingredients such as bergamot oil, geranium essential oil, and vetiver essential oil.

The calming and oxygenating properties of oil-based bath bombs are perfect for soaking and unwinding. 100% Organic and natural, it’s a healthy alternative to traditional bath bombs that help soothe the entire body with its strong fragrant oils.


Our aromatherapy bath bombs are made from citric acid to soften the water but what makes these bombs really special is that we have mixed our top-selling aromatherapy bath salts with a wonderfully stimulating and refreshing blend of essential oils together to create that relaxing bath experience you are looking for. 

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