Frankincense & Rose Fizzy Bath Bomb

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Frankincense & Rose Fizzy Bath Bomb

Get the soothing experience of relaxing in a bath with Frankincense & Rose Fizzy Bath Bomb with Essential Oils. The fragrant, sudsy scent is instantly enveloped with a warm, relaxing feeling.

We’ve taken all the natural goodness of frankincense, rose and other essential oils combined it with our favorite fizzy bath bomb, and created a bath bomb that will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The weight is about 120-140g.

Essential oils bath bombs?

Essential oils bath bombs are designed to bring the aroma of a soothing, relaxing experience to your home, body, and mind. The oils used for bath bombs are selected for their unique clean, fresh, and light aroma. At the same time, they have great moisturizing properties to keep your skin soft and smooth all day.

How do bath bombs work?

Essential oils and essential mixtures are applied to the skin in a small form. They absorb into the skin at a very slow rate while they only take some seconds to melt on contact with your body heat.

This allows them to remain on the skin for long periods of time. This is the reason why bath bombs do not get churned into a solid shape after melting, and what makes them so special. Bath bombs are great as massage actives!

Our Bath Bombs range is perfect for a bath or shower. Each of our Bath Bombs is just enough to make your bath perfectly relaxing. It will give you that relaxing feeling you need during the day. Our Bath Bombs have been loved by our customers from all over the world

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